Mobile application development
Every day thousands of mobile apps appear on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Social networks, messengers, games and many others – they are all made by professionals using the same development algorithm.
The number of downloads – if the application is downloaded, it means that someone needs it.

Ratings and reviews will help to foresee weaknesses and adapt the "chips" that users like to their product.
Company History – be prepared to face the same difficulties as your closest competitors.
This stage of mobile development is associated with understanding the main challenge facing any developer. You will have to promote your app so that people will know about it and start using it. Hundreds of high-quality mobile applications are gathering dust on virtual shelves because their developers did not have a marketing strategy and budget for its implementation. And only B2B applications made for internal use by employees of the customer company can do without it.
Native – with this approach, the application is written for a specific mobile platform.

Cross–platform - the code of such an application is universal, as a result of which the OS runs it as native.

Hybrid – code is written in HTML, CSS or Javascript in development environments such as Cordova, Phone Gap and Ionic.

The application should not be tested by its developers.
The type of testing is chosen based on the tested characteristics of the application:




Regression testing

Platform testing
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Modern mobile application analytics systems collect information about the audience of your application (the distribution of users by gender, age, location, language, etc.) and the features of interaction with it (the time of entry into the application, the time spent in the application, the number of screens viewed, etc.). Some even make heat maps that show which buttons users click more often than others. Use this data as guidelines for the future: invest in the refinement of those areas in which the concentration of audience actions is highest.

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